Lawyers For Aviation Accidents

Aviation is a complex field in which many professions, manufacturers and businesses combine to move passengers and cargo around the world. Rigorous safety standards and complex laws and regulations govern practices within the industry. When something goes wrong, the potential for disaster is high.

We step in when things go wrong within the industry, either through breakdowns in safety that cause damage, loss of life and tragedy or through mismanagement or dishonest business practices that cause economic losses to consumers of airline services.

Airline Accidents

After any mass disaster or accident, families and victims need to know why the accident happened and who is responsible. We strive to help victims heal and hold those responsible accountable for their actions.

Our cases over the past few decades include:

  • Continental Connection Flight 3407, Buffalo, New York (2009)
  • Comair Flight 5191, Lexington, Kentucky (2006)
  • Air France Flight 358, Toronto, Ontario (2005)
  • Skyservice Flight 5G560, Punta Cana, Dominican Republic (2005)
  • Air Transat Flight TS 236, Lisbon, Portugal (2001)
  • Pan American B-747, Flight 103, Lockerbie, Scotland (1988), acted for Canadian family

Our purpose is not just to represent clients, but also to hold the industry to higher standards in which passenger safety and security are top priorities.

Aviation: A Unique Industry

Rochon Genova's aviation lawyers have the technical and legal knowledge and experience to work with industry experts to determine the causes of plane crashes, delays and malfunctions and to obtain fair compensation for victims and their families. We have handled aviation class actions and represented numerous individual clients against airlines.

Our cases involve not only crashes but also incidents in which clients experience unfair delays, hard landings, excessive charges or other consumer-related issues.

We have an in-depth understanding of the realities of aviation, including:

  • The interaction between industry, commercial, technical and government agencies and groups
  • The collection of federal, international and industry laws, safety standards and regulations that make up aviation law
  • The realities of everyday practice within the industry, which includes airlines, air traffic control, and companies involved in aircraft design and manufacturing as well as aircraft maintenance
  • The physical and technical processes involved in accidents, including mechanical failures, pilot error and air traffic control mismanagement

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