Royal Canin (excessive Vitamin D levels)

Update - December 20, 2013: ROCHON | GENOVA LLP and Himelfarb Proszanski LLP launched a national class action on behalf of pet owners who purchased seven veterinary dog and cat food diets distributed in Canada by Royal Canin Company Canada ("Royal Canin Canada") which contained excessive amounts of Vitamin D, which can cause severe illness or death in pets. The products were recalled by Royal Canin Canada early in 2006. The lawsuit included all those who purchased the affected dog or cat food from August 1, 2004 to the time the product was recalled.

Pursuant to the Order of Justice Perell of the Ontario Superior Court of Justice dated December 18, 2013, the action has now been discontinued.

Update - March 20, 2007: National Class Action Commenced Against Royal Canin for Excessive Vitamin D in Pet Food

Update - March 20, 2007: Pet Owners Against Royal Canin Class Action