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Filing claims for sexual assault in Ontario

On Behalf of | Dec 25, 2015 | Civil Litigation |

When individuals are victims of sexual assault, they may opt to sue the person who attacked them. The laws haven’t always worked on the side of the victims who opt to sue. Recently, Ontario pledged a big change in one key aspect of a sexual assault lawsuit: The province has agreed to amend the law to remove the statute of limitations.

With the removal of the statute of limitations on cases involving sexual assault, victims won’t have to worry about filing claims within a certain period of time. We know that it sometimes takes time to heal after you have been the victim of a sexual assault. During that healing process, you might not be prepared to discuss the events openly. Now, you can have more time to get yourself mentally and emotionally ready to file the lawsuit.

We understand that a sexual assault case is something that is a very personal and private matter. We will treat your case with compassion while we fight vigorously to protect your rights. While we are working on the legal case that will show your side of what happened, you can continue to work on your healing process.

When we work on your case, we don’t focus solely on monetary compensation. We can also try to get in-kind benefits that might be able to help you as you move through life. Additionally, you don’t have to hold your attacker accountable by yourself. We can work alongside you to help you to bring your attacker to justice by seeking compensation on your behalf for the horrible acts that were done to you.