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Examples of dangerous children’s products

On Behalf of | Jan 18, 2016 | Products Liability |

Trying to keep your children safe can feel like a never-ending job as a parent, and one thing you should know is that many consumer products could pose potential dangers. Being aware of these risks can help you to avoid injuries that could linger for the rest of a child’s life. Some dangerous products aimed at kids include:

  • Airsoft guns and paintball guns. Both of these toys can be used safely with the proper gear, but it’s impossible to overlook the inherent dangers of having children fire projectiles at one another. Airsoft guns use small plastic pellets, while paintball guns use plastic balls filled with paint.
  • Drop-side cribs. You may be tempted to pick a drop-side crib if you’re tired of reaching all the way over the crib’s side wall to get the child out. Drop-side designs offer easier access. However, children can be hurt when latches give way and the sides fall accidentally.
  • Pocket bikes. A pocket bike–sometimes called a minibike–is basically just a very, very small motorcycle. Adults can ride some varieties, but most are aimed at children. They may not be quite as dangerous as full-sized bikes, but pocket bikes are still powered by gas engines and can lead to serious injuries in a crash.

These are just three examples, but the dangers from toys and other consumer goods can be found in many different products. Some toys present choking hazards, others can lead to electrical shocks, and still others can lead to cuts and lacerations. If your child is ever injured by one of these products, make sure you know your rights in Ontario.

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