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A contact lens solution could create permanent vision loss

On Behalf of | May 6, 2016 | Personal Injury |

The solution you use on your contact lenses is supposed to clean them and disinfect them, helping to prevent irritation and infection. With millions of people using contact lenses every day, it’s very important for it to work properly.

If you’ve used a solution called AMO Complete All-In-One Moisture Plus, though, it could have been doing exactly the opposite. It’s no longer being sold due to the serious issues that arose, but it was produced by a company called Advanced Medical Optics, Inc., which sold it across Canada.

The issue with the solution was that it actually made Acanthamoeba Keratitis — commonly known as AK — far more likely. In fact, research found that you were about 17 times as likely to get it with the solution as someone who didn’t use it. AK can cause an infection to start in your eye, and it can then eat away at the tissue, including the cornea. This can create permanent vision loss or even blindness. Some people have had to undergo painful and expensive cornea transplants.

As you may know, the eye is a perfect place for an infection to grow, as it is constantly moist. Users who had their contacts in all of the time could trap it under the lens. Some people who had AK said that the pain was incredible and that they couldn’t even work in their chosen industries, so the ramifications were very real.

If you got AK and you used this solution, a class action lawsuit has been started, and it’s imperative that you know your legal options to seek compensation for your injuries.

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