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Zimmer hip joints could cause pain

On Behalf of | May 23, 2016 | Products Liability |

When you get a hip replacement, you want the new device to function perfectly. You want increased mobility and better overall movement. You want stability and reliability. What you don’t want is severe, chronic pain. Unfortunately, that’s what a number of people got with Zimmer Durom Cup implants.

The Durom Cup is a metal joint, and it is typically part of a total hip replacement procedure. When it was first marketed, the metal-on-metal design was praised as being better than the other components on the market. It was said to be far more durable and to give those using it a wider range of motion. This was all done when the metal components bonded directly with the bone, which helped to hold everything in the proper alignment.

However, people who used the system quickly began complaining that it wasn’t bonding properly. It would separate from the socket, coming loose and moving out of alignment. This could cause serious damage to the muscle and the pelvic bone as the metal components were pressed against them in all manner of directions that were not intended. As this damage was done, the patient would have incredible pain that could not be cured except by not using the joint.

The very durability that was so highly praised at the beginning became the implant’s downfall, as those tough metal parts would wreak havoc on the interior of a person’s body. Have you suffered from this pain or has a loved one had to endure this agony? If so, you may be able to seek financial compensation in Ontario, as cases have been started against Zimmer for the defective design.

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