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Oak Ridge facility allegedly tortured mental health patients

On Behalf of | Oct 25, 2016 | Personal Injury |

The Oak Ridge facility was supposed to treat mental health patients, giving them the assistance they needed, but many have been claiming that they were actually subjected to such brutal treatment while at the facility that it should be viewed as torture. The cases have been going on for more than half a decade, but a new report just came out on CBC that sheds some light on what really happened there. It’s called The Secrets of Oak Ridge.

In addition to torture, there have been allegations of tactics like sleep deprivation and treatment using hard drugs like LSD.

The trauma to those who were at the facility continues to this day. One man noted that he couldn’t forget what he’d seen. He said he’d been dreaming about it and dealing with those memories for 40 years. He noted that it had ruined his life, along with many others.

The case will be investigated largely through the examination of documents, some of which are decades old in their own right. The building, after all, has been torn down. The video report from CBC visits the site, where a stone gate still stands, but there is nothing but a snow-covered field beyond. The man who was there when the building existed said they were trying to erase what they’d done.

According to allegations, those inside were told to request LSD treatments and other such procedures, but they never really had a choice in the matter. If they didn’t write the requests when they were told to do so, they were punished.

Cases like this can be very complex, as much evidence — and the building itself — may have been lost. However, these cases are also quite important, as those who were harmed are still suffering from these injuries, both mental and physical, to this day. They must know about their legal rights to be compensated for this treatment.

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