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Walmart facing class action litigation over alleged tainted food

On Behalf of | Feb 21, 2017 | Class Action Litigation |

When consumers shop at a retail establishment, they are showing trust in that company to sell them safe products. This is especially true when it comes to food purchases. However, when a retail giant is believed to have knowingly sold contaminated comestibles in large quantities, there may be no recourse for consumers but to participate in class action litigation to receive fair compensation. Such a situation is currently unfolding to the west of Ontario.

The wildfire that devastated much of the Fort McMurray area in 2016 left local residents in a terrible bind. To add insult to injury, it appears that a local Walmart sold food and beverage products to the public that may have been contaminated by smoke and toxins. The province filed more than 170 Public Health Act charges against the retailer for alleged violations that occurred between May 24 and May 29.

To date, five claimants have signed on to participate in the lawsuit. The suit seeks damages for consumers who purchased contaminated food, but did not consume it and did not receive a refund, and for those who did consume it and fell ill as a result. The total amount of the suit is $10 million.

Large corporations are notoriously difficult to litigate against, and an individual lawsuit may not always be successful. Class action litigation allows a group of victims to band together with experienced legal counsel and fight together. Citizens of Ontario who believe they have been wronged by the actions or negligence of a corporate entity may wish to contact a local law firm that handles this sort of action.

Source: CBC News – Edmonton, “Lawsuit seeks $10M damages for Walmart consumers after Fort McMurray wildfire“, Feb. 10, 2017