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Ontario cycling advocate suing for personal injury re fall

On Behalf of | Aug 8, 2017 | Personal Injury |

A well-known Ontario cycling advocate has launched a lawsuit against the City of Windsor, the University of Windsor and a number of contractors. The $600,000 personal injury suit stems from a trip-and-fall accident she had two years ago in a campus construction zone. The Bike Windsor Essex executive director said she suffered injuries to her right knee and ankle, a fracture to her left foot, injuries to her spine, in addition to straining and tearing ligaments and muscles. The incident happened where part of a roadway was being converted into a pedestrian mall at the university in July 2015.

The woman said she tripped and fell over a curb that wasn’t properly constructed and said the injuries she suffered are continuous, serious and permanent. Her claim states the fall resulted in personal injury because of negligence on the contractor’s part and earmarked the city and university who were overseeing the construction inspection. The claim against amounts to $500,00 in non-pecuniary damages with an additional $100,000 for Ontario court costs and special damages. Claims and statements from both sides in the lawsuit have yet to be argued or proved in court.

When negligence plays a role in personal injury due to a slip-and-fall accident, Ontario residents may be able to pursue damages for injuries incurred. However, victims must take action to pursue what they deserve. And they must act prudently.

The first course of action after seeking medical attention to injuries is to enlist the help of an Ontario lawyer seasoned in litigation and appeals law. Lawyers understand what it takes to be successful in a personal injury claim. They will amass evidence to support a claim and request medical files that show the extent of injuries suffered as a result of a slip and fall.










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