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Products liability in Canada: Metal-on-metal hip replacements

On Behalf of | Sep 7, 2017 | Products Liability |

British researchers have found that metal-on-metal hip replacements are highly likely to fail. This paves the way for the launching of products liability suits by the tens of thousands of people over the world — many of whom are in Canada — who may be affected by that possibility. The research was mainly focused on a device known as the DePuy Pinnacle device, which is a metal liner as a replacement socket and a metal ball that acts like the bone in the top of the thigh.

Some metal-on-metal hip implants have been recalled in Canada due to a myriad of problems. The research used data from 243 women and 191 men in northern England who underwent 489 metal-on-metal Pinnacle hip replacements. Data was added to that of national registry data in England. Patients’ progress was watched for more than seven years after surgery. Of those patients, 71 hips had to be replaced — a number the researchers called “unacceptably high.”

In fact, the research team found that 180,000 patients worldwide have had this particular implant, and they may be at risk for revision surgery. Data from implant surgery from 2006 onward show a higher revision rate risk compared to the implant devices prior to 2006. Researchers say that could be because of variations in batches in the manufacturing process.

Those residents in Canada who have suffered injuries due to a defective product should seek the counsel of an experienced lawyer in litigation law. Lawsuits regarding products liability may need the advice and guidance of a seasoned legal team. By working with a lawyer, those affected by faulty surgical products may have a better chance of seeing a positive outcome from a class action suit.

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