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What happened at Oak Ridge could happen elsewhere in Canada

It is safe to say that most Ontario residents know at least a little about what happened to some of the patients at Oak Ridge, a forensic mental health facility in this Province. Some of the horrors that allegedly occurred at Oak Ridge include outright torture, sleep deprivation, solid food starvation and experimentation with LSD on patients. Fortunately, Oak Ridge closed in 2014 and a civil litigation suit is in progress on the behalf of victims, but we the public should not assume mental health facility abuse is gone for good.

Filing claims for sexual assault in Ontario

When individuals are victims of sexual assault, they may opt to sue the person who attacked them. The laws haven't always worked on the side of the victims who opt to sue. Recently, Ontario pledged a big change in one key aspect of a sexual assault lawsuit: The province has agreed to amend the law to remove the statute of limitations.

U.S. Steel Canada retirees seeking to get secret deal revealed

Retirees from U.S. Steel Canada and the city of Hamilton, Canada, are making progress in their efforts to reveal a secret deal between the steelmaker and the federal government. The Ontario Court of Appeal approved the right of plaintiffs in the case to appeal a previous judge's decision to maintain the secrecy of the agreement.

The Neglected State of Whistleblower Laws in Canada

Truly robust whistleblower legislation in Canada is essential to preserving the integrity of our capital markets. As is too often the case, the United States has again out shone Canada in implementing legislation which protects employees of private and public corporations.

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