Hospital And Nursing Home Outbreaks
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Hospital And Nursing Home Outbreaks

We trust hospitals and nursing homes to care for our family and friends when they are most vulnerable. Because of the number of people in these institutions, the kinds of deadly bacteria and viruses in hospital environments, and the frail health of patients and residents, institutions are expected to follow rigorous standards of safety and hygiene.

Rochon Genova has pursued a number of cases against major hospitals, nursing homes and government institutions that have fallen below the standard of care in the prevention and management of serious outbreaks.

Working To Avoid Future Outbreaks

Our lawyers for nursing home and hospital infections have taken on cases involving outbreaks of SARS, Legionella and Pseudomonas, among others. These may be caused by a failure to:

  • Design proper procedures to prevent communicable diseases
  • Adequately train staff
  • Ensure that employees follow proper procedures
  • Recognize infectious diseases and outbreaks
  • Take appropriate steps to deal with an outbreak once it has begun

When investigating an outbreak, we retain health experts to determine whether a failure of care has occurred, identify the source of the failure and determine its effects. We determine whether it will be helpful to patients and their families to pursue compensation as individuals or as part of a class action against the home, hospital or organization responsible.

Our aim is not only to help the victims of an outbreak, but also to encourage nursing homes and hospitals to work toward prevention of future outbreaks.

As with our work involving defective medical devices and drugs, we believe that class actions can be a vital part of protecting the health and safety of the most vulnerable members of our society.

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