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Toronto Securities Litigation Lawyers

The securities litigation lawyers at Rochon Genova are leaders in their field. We are proud to have prosecuted some of the highest-profile securities cases in the country, including the $4 billion CIBC subprime litigation, which was successfully argued before a five-judge panel of the Court of Appeal, and the $500 million Fischer v. IG Investment Management Ltd. case — certification of which was upheld by the Supreme Court of Canada.

We pursue a wide variety of securities class actions, for misrepresentation in both the primary and secondary markets. We carefully investigate the claim, engaging experts in financial market analysis to give us their opinion on liability, causation and damages.

If there is a case to be made to protect shareholders who have been harmed by misrepresentation or securities fraud, we will pursue it to certification and beyond.

Defending The Interests Of Investors

Securities litigation helps investors recover their losses when companies make misrepresentations. Our aim is to protect our clients’ investments, promote transparency and punish companies that misrepresent their financial or business position.

If you are an asset fund or pension fund manager, or an investor who believes that the company you invested in has not provided full, fair and timely disclosure of important information, contact us. We will pursue any practical solutions, including shareholder derivative actions if your company refuses to enforce its own rights. We may be able to recover your losses, help others in your position and help ensure that future investments are not vulnerable to deliberate or negligent misrepresentation.

Cases on which we work involve:

  • Negligent and/or fraudulent misrepresentation
  • Accounting deficiencies
  • Restatements
  • Breach of fiduciary duty

Contact Rochon | Genova LLP

If you have been a victim of primary or secondary market misrepresentation, we can help. Call Rochon Genova at 416-548-9874 or send us an email to set up a free consultation. We serve clients throughout the Greater Toronto Area, Ontario and across Canada.

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