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Lac Mégantic

Update – December 11, 2017: Class action joined with the actions launched by the Attorney General of Quebec and certain insurers. The combined proceeding is divided into two stages. The question of liability will be dealt with at the initial stage. If appropriate, the question of damages will be decided subsequently.

Update – May 8, 2015 and October 24, 2016: Plaintiffs’ motions for authorization granted. Case is authorized to proceed as a class action against the Canadian Pacific Railway Company, Montreal Maine & Atlantic Canada Company and Thomas Harding.

Update – November 7, 2013: Victims Demand “Big Oil” Take Responsibility for Explosion: Marathon Oil Corporation and Slawson Exploration Added as Respondents

Update – September 19, 2013: Quebec government reassures victims of Lac Mégantic tragedy that they will be priority beneficiaries of any future recovery in US Chapter 11 Bankruptcy proceedings for the Montreal, Maine and Atlantic Railway:

Update – August 16, 2013: CP Rail, Union Tank, Trinity Industries, GE Railcar Services and Western Petroleum Implicated in the Lac-Mégantic Class Proceeding

Update – July 15, 2013: Lac-Mégantic Attorney and Rochon Genova file Class Action Motion for Authorization on Behalf of Victims and Families Following Devastating Train Derailment