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Class action litigation against PayPal for alleged hidden fees

PayPal Canada, a global online payments business, is being sued. An Ontario man launched the class action litigation suit recently, claiming PayPal is hiding fees when converting currency -- something that is in violation of its agreement with users. The man, who filed documents with the Ontario Superior Court, says PayPal automatically converts any foreign currency in Canadian residents' accounts to Canadian funds upon withdrawal -- something it shouldn't be doing, he asserts.

Exploding sunroofs drive class action litigation in Canada

The last thing drivers want to experience as they're driving down a busy highway, or even on a leisurely drive, is to have the sunroofs in their cars explode. Yet, that is the reason for the proposed class action litigation against Hyundai. The lawsuit, which has yet to be certified as class action, was started last year in Canada. 

Class action litigation in Canada against Airbnb

Airbnb has become a popular way for many people who travel to obtain accommodations. The premise is that people rent out their own dwellings to travellers. However, the company has become the target of class action litigation in Canada launched by a Vancouver strata corporation claiming that Airbnb has rented properties throughout Canada without having the rightful owners' consent and has netted a percentage of money from those rentals without compensating the true owners.

Canada class action litigation: Trouble with Trump Tower

It seems there were problems with Toronto's Trump Tower from the get go. Fraudsters were outed, major investors pulled out at the last minute, and those left as part of this major project in Canada were put together by the person outed. What's worse, none of those involved had any experience in the development process of a condo tower. Such a scenario could lead to possible class action litigation if something were to go wrong, and it did - bankruptcy.

Jehovah's Witness leaders face class action litigation

Former and current members of the Jehovah's Witnesses claim that the church protects members who sexually abuse children. The members in Canada have launched a $66 million claim against the leaders of the church. In the class action litigation, they allege that church policies let sexual predators hide in plain sight.

Class action litigation: Record award in talc powder case

A woman from Virginia has been awarded more than $110 million in compensation in a suit against the manufacturer of baby powder. The class action litigation alleged that the baby powder created by manufacturing giant Johnson & Johnson caused the woman's ovarian cancer. There are about 2,000 such lawsuits against the company in the United States and many more that have been launched in Canada.

Class action litigation: OxyContin users waiting for compensation

Legally prescribed painkillers Oxycontin and OxyNeo have caused many Canadians to be addicted to opioids. Purdue Pharma, the company that manufactures the drugs, has agreed to settle a number of class action litigation lawsuits in Canada to the tune of $20 million. Plaintiffs must be able to prove they suffered harm after taking the drug.

Way is paved for class action litigation against Facebook

The Supreme Court of Canada has given the green light to for a lawsuit to proceed against a major social media site alleging that it violated user privacy. Now, Facebook Inc. has to defend itself in a class action litigation in a British Columbia court. Canada's highest court of law recently voted 4-3 in favour of a British Columbia female resident's legal fight against Facebook claiming the site used her name and likeness in a "sponsored story" ad without her consent.

Class action litigation planned by Tim Hortons franchisees

Sometimes, when Ontario consumers become the victims of large corporations and find it too costly to go to court, conglomerates are able to escape accountability. This is where class action litigation offers individuals the opportunity to obtain compensation for losses by putting them on an even playing field. According to the Great White North Franchisee Association, that is the aim of some Tim Hortons franchisees who recently launched a class-action suit.

Important things to know about starting class action litigation

If an individual or a group wrongs a person directly, there may be grounds for a civil lawsuit. If, however, that same individual or group wrongs many people, class action litigation may be appropriate. For those wishing to know more, here are some key facts about class actions in Ontario.

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