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Ontario cycling advocate suing for personal injury re fall

A well-known Ontario cycling advocate has launched a lawsuit against the City of Windsor, the University of Windsor and a number of contractors. The $600,000 personal injury suit stems from a trip-and-fall accident she had two years ago in a campus construction zone. The Bike Windsor Essex executive director said she suffered injuries to her right knee and ankle, a fracture to her left foot, injuries to her spine, in addition to straining and tearing ligaments and muscles. The incident happened where part of a roadway was being converted into a pedestrian mall at the university in July 2015.

What to do after suffering a personal injury in a bicycle crash

Bicycles are more common than ever on the streets of Ontario. With the rising cost of fuel, the resurgence in downtown residential living and improved infrastructure for cyclists in cities, it is a logical choice for many people. However, cyclists have an enhanced risk of suffering a personal injury due to a lack of protection. Many bike riders may not know what to do if they've been hurt in an accident, so here are some helpful tips.

Can you sue in Canada for a personal injury suffered on vacation?

When someone goes away for a holiday, all that's on his or her mind is having some fun in the sun and leaving the everyday stresses of life in Ontario behind. Some prudent types might think to take out travel insurance to guard against the unexpected. Few however, would ever consider that a life-threatening personal injury could be their vacation souvenir.

A personal injury can happen anytime, anywhere

When most people in Ontario think of hazardous situations, they probably think about dangerous drivers, cyclists negotiating city streets, icy sidewalks in the winter or other obvious dangers. The truth is many hazards either are hidden from view, or are not obvious even when they're in plain sight. A personal injury can happen at any given moment, as an unfortunate pedestrian found out recently.

Toronto trying to reduce vehicular personal injury incidents

The big cities of Ontario are hives of activity seven days a week. Downtown workers swell the numbers on weekdays, and shoppers and sightseers take over on the weekends. Given all the cars, trucks, bikes, motorcycles and pedestrians mixing, accidents seem inevitable, and the risk of personal injury is high. Measures undertaken by the City of Toronto meant to reduce the number of accidents, and road deaths in particular, have yet to prove hugely successful, unfortunately.

Know your rights after suffering a personal injury in a fight

Many injury cases are reasonably straightforward in that one person typically injures another party through some form of negligence. The victim is frequently just an innocent person who happened to be in the wrong place at the wrong time. Not all personal injury cases are the same, of course, but many share these common traits. However, there are some situations in which the victim may not be entirely innocent, such as when a fight occurs. If one is hurt in a fight in Ontario, is it possible to sue the other person? 

Hit-and-run personal injury becomes wrongful death situation

Once a negligent act has been committed, there is little that can be done to undo it. A hit-and-run driver in Ontario's capital recently returned to the scene, but that did nothing to change the tragic events that had already occurred. After suffering a serious personal injury, the driver's victim later succumbed to his injuries.

Cyclists at risk of personal injury from car doors

Though the snow has recently returned, it won't be long before bicyclists return to Ontario streets. Bikes are inexpensive and environmentally friendly, and their compact nature makes them a favourite in downtown hubs. Unfortunately, many motorists are not looking for bikes in a big city, and accidents happen. One of the most dreaded bike/car interactions is called "dooring," and it can cause a serious personal injury.

Girl suffers serious personal injury during dental visit

While any medical procedure can be inherently risky, few people in Ontario would consider a dental appointment a potentially dangerous undertaking. Sadly, for one young girl and her family in another province, a routine visit turned tragic after she suffered a grievous personal injury during an extraction. Her family is now suing the office, including the dentist, for $26 million.

Traumatic personal injury leaves cyclist struggling to live

Though bicycling in a major city can often be the fastest and greenest way from place to place, it is not without an element of risk. A bike offers no protection in the event of an accident and leaves the rider open to a severe personal injury. One Ontario woman was lucky to survive after a collision with a large vehicle left her lying hurt in the street.

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