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Unsafe freeway merging causes personal injury accidents

In Ontario, drivers may find the most stressful moment of a commute is when they have to merge onto a busy freeway. Whether traffic is crawling or moving at terrifying speeds, reaching the end of a ramp with nowhere to go and cars approaching from behind can be intimidating, to say the least. Perhaps equally as frightening is to be travelling along at the speed limit, only to have a vehicle zip down an on-ramp and merge, heedless of freeway conditions. Confusion and carelessness in merging situations result in many personal injury accidents.

Pedestrians are at risk for severe personal injury in an accident

Any accident involving a motor vehicle has the potential to cause serious injuries. When a pedestrian is struck by a vehicle, however, the results are often catastrophic. The possibility of suffering a long-term personal injury is always a concern, especially in the large urban centres of Ontario.

Handling a personal injury on transit

Any kind of vehicle can be involved in an accident. From legal and insurance standpoints, the type of vehicle can make a difference regarding what happens next. For anyone who suffers a personal injury while riding on public transit, or a hired carrier, things may be very different than they are with privately owned vehicles.

Man suffers serious injury, dies in work accident

It is always unfortunate when someone is injured on the job. But when a personal injury turns fatal, it becomes a terrible tragedy and a burden on the family of the victim. An Ontario man recently lost his life at work in an unusual accident still under investigation.

Roof worker suffers personal injury after fall; boss to be jailed

Men and women who perform their jobs at heights need to be extra diligent when it comes to workplace safety. They should also have a reasonable expectation that their employers are just as concerned with safety. Unfortunately, sometimes a business owner can be more concerned with his own company than with his or her employees. A southwestern Ontario roofer recently showed a disturbing lack of concern for an employee after he suffered a personal injury on the job, and now the owner is paying the price.

Oak Ridge facility allegedly tortured mental health patients

The Oak Ridge facility was supposed to treat mental health patients, giving them the assistance they needed, but many have been claiming that they were actually subjected to such brutal treatment while at the facility that it should be viewed as torture. The cases have been going on for more than half a decade, but a new report just came out on CBC that sheds some light on what really happened there. It's called The Secrets of Oak Ridge.

Rana Plaza collapse spawns multi-billion dollar lawsuit

On April 24, 2013, thousands of employees were working at a garment factory in Bangladesh, unaware of the danger around them. When the factory suddenly collapsed, a minimum of 1,120 people were killed; the number could be higher, as it proved difficult and time-consuming to sort through the rubble. Authorities do know that more than 2,510 people were hurt. While there were minor injuries, many of those injuries were permanent and potentially life-altering.

Oil companies may have neglected to warn shippers before fire

A case regarding the shale oil explosion on a train going from New Town, North Dakota to New Brunswick has been going on for some time, as those injured in the event are trying to seek compensation from the shippers and purchasers. However, two huge oil-related companies -- the Slawson Exploration Company and the Marathon Oil Corporation -- were more recently added to the case. This is being seen as a way to pressure "big oil" into taking some responsibility for what happened.

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