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Indigenous Canadians launch class action litigation in Ontario

There are some injustices committed that are difficult to define under the Criminal Code, or Ontario provincial law. However, just because an allegedly unjust action cannot be clearly labelled a crime, that doesn't make it any less wrong in the eyes of the victims. In a case like this, class action litigation may be the only course of action available. 

Walmart facing class action litigation over alleged tainted food

When consumers shop at a retail establishment, they are showing trust in that company to sell them safe products. This is especially true when it comes to food purchases. However, when a retail giant is believed to have knowingly sold contaminated comestibles in large quantities, there may be no recourse for consumers but to participate in class action litigation to receive fair compensation. Such a situation is currently unfolding to the west of Ontario.

Toy maker may be hit with class action litigation for faulty toys

When it comes to consumer goods, the possibility of purchasing a defective item always exists. It is for that reason manufacturers generally provide a limited warranty and retailers offer returns and exchanges. However, when a particular product seems to be failing en masse, there could be a larger issue at hand. A toy maker based in Ontario may have to deal with class action litigation after its biggest selling product left a lot of families disappointed this past Christmas.

Multiple defendants named in plane crash class action litigation

When an accident happens, it is often a simple matter to determine who is at fault. Once that is established, a victim may then be able to seek remuneration for damages and suffering he or she incurred. However, when an accident involves a commercial airliner landing at an airport owned by the federal government, deciding who is to blame, and to what degree, can become very complicated. In this situation, which occurred last year in a province east of Ontario, class action litigation becomes just about the only way for affected individuals to gain compensation.

Accusations of racism in class action litigation against military

An individual seeking justice within the workings of a large corporation may find the process very challenging. By undertaking class action litigation, however, it may be possible to bring injustices to light outside of the confines of an internal system. Three veterans have chosen to go toe-to-toe in a fight with the Canadian Forces over alleged racism, a problem they say is rampant and goes unpunished on a regular basis.

Former students launch class action litigation for alleged abuse

Survivors of abuse often face years of difficulty in trying to cope with the mental aftermath, often long after the physical signs have healed. When the abuse was allegedly perpetrated by those charged with the education and spiritual well-being of the victims, it brings the question of responsibility to the fore. Two former students are planning class action litigation against those they claim are responsible for their pain, in a province just west of Ontario.

Class action litigation forthcoming against 13 chiropractors

Those who suffer from chronic conditions may be quick to place their trust in health care practitioners as they seek relief in any way that seems reasonable. However, when the promises of relief turn out to be empty and founded on bad science, they may find themselves out of money and still suffering. Just east of Ontario, class action litigation is now pending against a group of chiropractors who failed to deliver on their claims to relieve back pain.

Volkswagen Canada facing class action litigation, federal charges

Just because a brand is known and trusted around the world, it doesn't mean the company is infallible. Some of the largest and best-known businesses on the planet have made grave errors, sometimes knowingly, that ultimately affect the consumers who purchase their products or use their services. A prime example from the recent headlines is the Volkswagen emissions scandal, a scandal that may bring about federal prosecution and class action litigation.

Plaintiffs need ongoing commitment and support against wrongdoing

One of the most significant hallmarks for success in any class action litigation is having a team of lawyers who never give up. Many class action suits go on for a long time before they are resolved. What plaintiffs need most during this time is an active legal team that remains involved in the case for its duration.

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