Disability Claims, Denial Of Insurance
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Disability Claims And Denial Of Insurance

Injury, loss and disability can be devastating and will alter your life in many ways. Recovering from serious injury or learning to adapt to permanent damage may take all of your time, effort and funds, and leave you with little energy for anything else.

It is during these challenging times that you rely on insurance to step in and help you pay for the expenses of recovery, time off work and a variety of other needs.

The last thing you need is the added stress of denial of your insurance claims, particularly if you have become disabled. We understand this and work to get you the best result possible in the least amount of time.

Denial Of Insurance

Your insurance company may claim that:

  • There is insufficient evidence or documentation for your medical condition.
  • You are not covered for your particular accident or injury.
  • Your condition does not fit your policy’s definition of long-term disability, if you are claiming disability.
  • There is proof that you are not truly as injured or as disabled as you claim to be.

The lawyers at Rochon Genova are familiar with all of these reasons for denial, and we can help you fight them. We can ensure that you are given the coverage you have paid for and help you show that you truly need the benefits that you claim.

Where appropriate, we will appeal through your insurance company’s appeal process. If this fails, we will commence a legal proceeding.


If you have become disabled, you may be entitled to various benefits from private insurance (usually through your employer’s group insurance plan) and from Canada Pension Plan Disability:

  • Private short-term disability: Generally, this covers the disability for less than six months, but policies vary widely.
  • Private long-term disability (LTD): For some policies, your disability only needs to prevent you from working at your own previous occupation; for others, you must be unable to work at any occupation. Your insurance may also decide to cut off your LTD benefits after a certain period of time, usually two years.
  • Canada Pension Plan (CPP): If you have a severe and prolonged disability and have contributed premiums to the CPP, you may be entitled to CPP Disability benefits. We can help you obtain CPP Disability if you qualify. If you have been denied disability benefits, we can also help you understand why. We will review all medical evidence and appeal on your behalf if appropriate.

Our disability benefits lawyers accept these cases on a contingency basis. If we are unable to obtain compensation, you do not pay.

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Call Rochon Genova at 416-548-9874 or send us an email to set up a free consultation and learn more about insurance denials and disability benefits. We serve clients in the Greater Toronto Area and throughout Ontario, but do not accept WSIB or ODSP cases.

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