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Examples of commercial issues that may require litigation

On Behalf of | Nov 27, 2015 | Civil Litigation |

Things don’t always go smoothly when working with corporations and doing business in Ontario. When there is a serious issue, litigation may be needed. Examples of some of the common commercial matters that crop up include the following:

  • The breach of a contract. This can happen when a corporation agrees to take on a contract and does not fulfil it, or when an individual breaks a contract without completing a job.
  • Various contract disputes. For example, when someone is not paid the amount they were promised in the contract or not given the amount of time that they had agreed upon to complete the job.
  • Disputes with shareholders. These sometimes come up when shareholders think they have been intentionally misled to believe that a company is doing better than it is. This can also be known as misrepresentation.
  • Fraud. Misrepresenting a product’s abilities in order to get a large contract is one fraudulent practice.
  • Partnership disputes. These can be very complicated, especially when partners want to take a business in different directions or disagree about who is really in control of the company.
  • Unfair business practices. This is a general term that can encompass a lot of matters, including collusion between two business owners who should be competing, but who work together behind the scenes to drive prices up.

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