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Canadian Immigration Lawyers

Immigration And Citizenship

Although many people can come to Canada as visitors without a visa, some may need a visa to visit, study and work in the country. Some may wish to immigrate to Canada and become Permanent Residents while others may be in circumstances that will require them to seek Refugee Protection in Canada. Remaining here as a landed immigrant or refugee is a long, often complicated process. Our immigration lawyers can make the process of obtaining and maintaining your immigration status here easier and help avoid unnecessary delays and complications.

Whether you’re intended stay in Canada is temporary or if you wish to work and live here permanently, our lawyers can assist you with the right legal advice and support you throughout the immigration process.

Temporary Entry

  • Temporary Resident Visas (business and tourism)
  • Parents and Grand Parents SuperVisa
  • Work Permits
  • Labour Market Impact Assessments
  • Confirmation Exempt Categories
  • Temporary entry under various Free Trade Agreements
  • General Agreement on Trade in Services
  • Study Permits
  • Restoration of Temporary Resident Permits
  • Caregivers

Permanent Residence

  • Express Entry:
    • Federal Skilled Workers
    • Canada Experience Class
    • Federal Skilled Trades Program
  • Self-Employed Persons
  • Start Up Business Class
  • Family Class Sponsorships
  • Humanitarian and Compassionate Cases
  • Provincial Nominees (including various entrepreneur and investor programs)
  • Quebec Immigration (skilled workers, entrepreneurs, investors
  • Immigrant Investor Venture Capital Pilot Program

Taking Refuge In Canada

To obtain asylum as a refugee in Canada, you must belong to one of three classes of refugees:

  • Convention refugees abroad: This includes people who are applying for refugee status from outside Canada, but are outside their country of citizenship or habitual residency and who fear persecution for reasons of race, religion, political opinion, nationality or membership in a particular social group.
  • Country of asylum: This includes people who have come to Canada to escape civil war, armed conflict, or massive violations of human rights.
  • Source country: This includes people who would meet the definition of a Convention refugee, but are still in their home country.

Litigation And Appeals

Our experienced lawyers are have many years of experience in giving advice to and representing clients in various proceedings before:

  • Immigration and Refugee Board
  • Immigration Division
  • Federal Court

Citizenship Applications

Once you have immigrated, you must observe certain travel, residency and employment restrictions to maintain your status and eventually qualify to become a Canadian citizen.

Once you have met existing residence requirements to become a Canadian Citizen, you may apply for citizenship. This can be a difficult, document-heavy process. Our lawyers can help you make sure all documentation is properly completed and filed, deal with any barriers to Canadian citizenship, and appeal negative decisions, if necessary.

International Adoption

Adopting children from abroad can be a long and difficult process. Our lawyers can help you understand what you need to do to bring an adoptive child to Canada.

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