Defective Medical Devices
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Defective Medical Device Claims

Medical devices perform a variety of lifesaving and life-enhancing functions. They are often critical for patients with heart issues, mobility, hearing, contraception and irregularity conditions such as diabetes. They can also perform essential functions in hospitals and emergency rooms.

Medical devices can also earn their manufacturers enormous profits. At times this may create a temptation to rush them to market without adequate testing for safety and efficacy. Injuries and fatalities may result

If you or a family member has been hurt by a medical device, you may require surgery and rehabilitation to deal with the damage, and you may go through a great deal of pain, disability and expense. Death also arises all too frequently.

Our product liability lawyers can help you gain compensation for your losses.

Fighting For Injured Patients

Our lawyers have pursued medical product liability cases against multinational corporations such as Medtronic, Guidant, Zimmer and Johnson & Johnson. We fight for our clients in all types of cases, including those involving:

  • Cardiac devices such as pacemaker and defibrillator leads and defibrillators
  • Mobility devices such as hip replacements
  • Surgical implants such as transvaginal mesh used to address certain gynecological and urological conditions
  • Insulin pumps

Rochon Genova carefully examines each case before deciding to proceed. We work to pinpoint the cause of the defect or malfunction, as well as the parties responsible, and to assess the case to see if there is a way to obtain compensation for our clients. Often, thousands of individuals have been similarly affected.

In our investigations, we sometimes find that manufacturers did not use reasonable care in the design or manufacture of a product. Other times, manufacturers have used improper labelling with inadequate instructions for use or inadequate warnings of a product’s potential dangers.

Once we determine the cause of the defect, we work tirelessly to seek a just outcome for our clients. Our resolve and skill have helped many people recover the resources necessary to move forward with their lives.

Contact Rochon | Genova LLP

If a medical device has caused you injury, call Rochon Genova at 416-548-9874 or send us an email to set up a free consultation. We serve clients throughout the Greater Toronto Area, Ontario, and across Canada.

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