Corporate And Shareholder Disputes
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Toronto Corporate And Shareholder Disputes Lawyers

A corporation is only as strong as its members. When its members disagree on important matters regarding the running of the corporation, its effectiveness suffers. If disputes are not resolved, everything that the members of the corporation have worked for may be lost.

A number of internal business disputes can affect a corporation, including partnership disputes, disputes over agreements, joint ventures, business valuations, and mergers and acquisitions.

Even the possibility of a lawsuit can disrupt a corporation from conducting its business. Our business law lawyers strive to help you resolve your disagreement through intelligent, focused negotiation. We will try to understand both sides’ interests and goals, and help you come to an agreement that will get you back to business.

If it’s not possible to resolve matters through negotiation, we will defend your interests in court.

Shareholder Disputes

When shareholders feel that a company has not acted in their best interests, they are entitled to try to enforce their rights against the decision-makers of the company. Matters that may result in legal action include:

  • Oppression of minority shareholders
  • Forced buyouts
  • Disputes about share price and valuation

Oppression remedies can be used to safeguard the rights of minority shareholders in a corporation. If you have a reasonable expectation that is ignored and the conduct of the majority is unduly unfair or unfairly prejudicial, we will pursue oppression remedies and speak on your behalf.

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