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Ukraine International Airlines Flight No. PS752

In the midst of an international crisis between Iran and the United States, Ukraine International Airlines Flight No. PS752 departed from Tehran’s Imam Khomeini International Airport on January 8, 2020 at 6:12 a.m. As it was ascending minutes after takeoff, the Boeing 737-800 was impacted by two missiles fired by the Iranian Military and crashed outside of Tehran. All 176 passengers and nine crew members on board died.

Our Clients:

We have been retained by over 235 family members of 76 passengers of Flight No. PS752, all of whom had connections to Canada. The passengers, for whose many family members we act, were Canadian citizens, permanent residents of Canada, international students, individuals holding work permits and visitors.

We assisted our clients in opting out of the class action against the Iranian Defendants with the purpose of protecting their interests. In total, we received and processed 367 opt-out forms.

Legal Proceedings Against The Airline:

To ensure the consideration of the individual circumstances of each passenger and family, we are proceeding by way of mass tort actions against the airline. Rochon Genova LLP is working closely with experts with extensive expertise in liability and damages to ensure that all losses are fully examined and duly accounted for. In addition, we provide the following services to our clients:

  • Advance Payments: the airline is offering €21,000.00 per deceased passenger to the immediate family members as advance payments under the Montreal Convention. We are assisting our clients, free of charge, to obtain this advance payment.
  • Accidental Death Insurance Claims: many passengers purchased insurance prior to travel or purchased their tickets with credit cards that have access to accidental death insurance. We are assisting our clients with the submission and dispute of any insurance claims, wherever necessary. If the claims are denied, as many insurers have decided to do, we are retained to pursue the life insurance benefits on behalf of the estates.
  • Lost Baggage Claims: The airline has offered compensation to the impacted families for lost baggage and belongings of their loved ones. We are assisting our clients, free of charge, with the submission of lost baggage claims.
  • Immigration: Many of our clients and their families have suffered challenging and dangerous circumstances in Iran. We are assisting our clients with their immigration and refugee claims to ensure a safe and expedient transition to a new life in Canada.
  • Estate Matters: Most of our clients have required the assistance of estates lawyers in order to obtain certificates of appointment of estate trustees. We are helping those clients with securing the appropriate professionals to streamline the process.

Contact Information:

If you have lost a loved one or are seeking more information regarding Flight No. PS752, please contact:

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Update – June 2024