Chronic Pain
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Toronto Chronic Pain Lawyers

Unlike many other personal injury claims, chronic pain does not refer to a specific type of damage, but to a symptom of injury. Chronic pain, which can include chronic headaches and migraines, may be difficult to prove, but its effects can be devastating. It can lead to a number of costs and expenses, including:

  • Inability to move the way you used to, which may affect your ability to work or care for yourself and your family
  • Irritability and short temper, leading to problems at work and home
  • Depression
  • Time off work
  • Loss of reliability at work, if you suffer from debilitating and unpredictable attacks of pain or headache

Support For Chronic Pain Victims

Often, chronic pain is caused or worsened by injuries that fail to heal properly, such as whiplash or a back injury from a car accident. Symptoms may develop many months or sometimes years after the accident. Insurance companies may be skeptical of claims of chronic pain, especially if they are made a long time after an accident, and may deny your claim as a result.

Our chronic pain lawyers can help you understand your insurance policy so that you know what kind of support you are entitled to and how to support your claim with the proper medical documentation. We can also help you with the evidence to connect your pain to your injury in such a way as to get the insurance company to listen to you.

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