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What You Need To Know About Permanent Residency

Permanent resident status in Canada allows individuals to live, work, study, and have access to social services. In other words, a permanent resident has many of the same rights and privileges as a Canadian citizen. Unlike a citizen, permanent residents cannot vote or apply for a Canadian passport. In place of a passport, a permanent residence card can be used in conjunction with an existing passport.

At ROCHON | GENOVA LLP, we understand the importance of handling permanent residence applications with professionalism and efficiency and are committed to providing you with the support that you deserve.

Skilled Support At Every Stage

ROCHON | GENOVA LLP’s team of immigration lawyers is dedicated to helping clients navigate the path to permanent residence. Whether you’re seeking permanent residence through sponsorship by a family member, business, or humanitarian grounds, we can help determine the best avenue and assist you through every stage of the application process.

We endeavour to make the process as straightforward and stress-free as possible by taking the time to understand the particulars of your case and preparing a strategic approach.Throughout our years of experience, we have honed the skills to provide our clients with the guidance that they need.

Get Started Today

Find out how the immigration lawyers at ROCHON | GENOVA LLP can help you with your permanent resident application. Call our Toronto office at 416-548-9874, 800-462-3864 toll- free, or send us an email to schedule your free consultation.

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