Humanitarian & Compassionate Grounds
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Applying For Permanent Residency Under Humanitarian & Compassionate Grounds

If you have fled your home country to escape unusual or undue hardship, you may apply for Canadian residency. This process is known as applying for permanent residency under humanitarian and compassionate grounds. This is different than applying for refugee status, which pertains to issues of persecution.

Working out of our Toronto, Ontario based office, the immigration lawyers of ROCHON | GENOVA LLP provide legal assistance to individuals both inside and outside Canadian borders. Our firm leverages over 25 of legal experience to help our clients determine if they meet the requirements for a humanitarian application.

Meeting The Requirements Of Undue Hardship

Unusual and undue hardship can take many forms, including domestic violence and human rights violations. Claims can also take into account the best interests of any children, as well as any mental health issues of the applicants or their families.

The application process is very strict. The Canadian government requests that applicants meet very specific requirements depending on their situation. Requirements can include proof of financial responsibility or employment.

Helping You Strengthen Your Application

Explaining the dangers you, or your family, face can be a very emotional and frustrating task. While its possible to apply on your own, it’s important to make sure your first attempt is done correctly. Repeated submissions have the potential to hurt your chances of success.

At Rochon Genova, our immigration lawyers help clients strengthen their citizenship, residency and visa applications every day. We possess comprehensive knowledge regarding:

  • The legal process
  • The type of documentation necessary to meet the criteria
  • How to position your situation with solid facts and testimony

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