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March 2017 Archives

Hit-and-run personal injury becomes wrongful death situation

Once a negligent act has been committed, there is little that can be done to undo it. A hit-and-run driver in Ontario's capital recently returned to the scene, but that did nothing to change the tragic events that had already occurred. After suffering a serious personal injury, the driver's victim later succumbed to his injuries.

Cyclists at risk of personal injury from car doors

Though the snow has recently returned, it won't be long before bicyclists return to Ontario streets. Bikes are inexpensive and environmentally friendly, and their compact nature makes them a favourite in downtown hubs. Unfortunately, many motorists are not looking for bikes in a big city, and accidents happen. One of the most dreaded bike/car interactions is called "dooring," and it can cause a serious personal injury.

Indigenous Canadians launch class action litigation in Ontario

There are some injustices committed that are difficult to define under the Criminal Code, or Ontario provincial law. However, just because an allegedly unjust action cannot be clearly labelled a crime, that doesn't make it any less wrong in the eyes of the victims. In a case like this, class action litigation may be the only course of action available. 

Girl suffers serious personal injury during dental visit

While any medical procedure can be inherently risky, few people in Ontario would consider a dental appointment a potentially dangerous undertaking. Sadly, for one young girl and her family in another province, a routine visit turned tragic after she suffered a grievous personal injury during an extraction. Her family is now suing the office, including the dentist, for $26 million.

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