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November 2017 Archives

Class action litigation in Canada against Airbnb

Airbnb has become a popular way for many people who travel to obtain accommodations. The premise is that people rent out their own dwellings to travelers. However, the company has become the target of class action litigation in Canada launched by a Vancouver strata corporation claiming that Airbnb has rented properties throughout Canada without having the rightful owners' consent and has netted a percentage of money from those rentals without compensating the true owners.

Canada class action litigation: Trouble with Trump Tower

It seems there were problems with Toronto's Trump Tower from the get go. Fraudsters were outed, major investors pulled out at the last minute, and those left as part of this major project in Canada were put together by the person outed. What's worse, none of those involved had any experience in the development process of a condo tower. Such a scenario could lead to possible class action litigation if something were to go wrong, and it did - bankruptcy.

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