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From P.P.

“This was a very painful and difficult process to go through. My struggle was very real. Since I met you, it was clear you understood that. You showed me compassion, comfort and support through difficult conversations. I can appreciate all the time and hard work that you put into my case. I am grateful to you and your staff. You were always ready to explain and clarify all areas of the case, making sure I had a good understanding of what the next steps were. I always felt comfortable asking questions, even by e-mail, and your responses were prompt, patient and kind…”

From Jennifer K.

“Working with Michael and the team at Rochon Genova was seamless from day one. I was immediately and always responded to in a prompt and understanding manner. I felt completely comfortable disclosing my testimony to them, which had previously been difficult given it’s of such a sensitive nature. They believed me. Their actions were not only timely, but also produced successful results. I could not possibly recommend a law firm more lovely or effective than Rochon Genova.”
Jennifer K.

From J.K.

“The process of launching a civil suit, especially one related to sexual abuse/assault, is extremely daunting. I was feeling lost and unsure of how to navigate the legal system and didn’t know where to start. During my initial meeting with Michael, he made me feel listened to and empowered. One thing that struck me during my first phone call with Michael was that he was able to offer compassion and understanding without making me feel like a victim. He answered all my questions/concerns, giving me the courage to proceed with my case.
Throughout the process, it was clear that Michael and his team had my best interests at heart. It was the first time I felt like I had options I could exercise and a sense of control over the situation and outcome. Expectantly, there were difficult crossroads throughout my case, but Michael was there every step of the way to help me navigate and make decisions that best aligned with my interests and goals.
I am thankful I chose to have Michael and his team represent me in this case. It has given me a sense of closure that I didn’t think I would ever get.”

From S.S.

“From the bottom of my heart, THANK YOU for representing me through this difficult situation.
From our first meeting and every encounter following you were easy to talk to, listened without judgement, patient, respectful and demonstrated compassion and empathy at every level.
You took the time to explain each step with the level of detail that I required and I never felt like I was asking too many questions and I always appreciated and felt your genuine interest in making sure I was comfortable and satisfied.
Your knowledge of law, especially in the field of sexual assault involving an institution, in this case involving a religious organization, guided me through the steps and not only made me feel confident and informed, you made me feel like I was a part of the team, you understood that this was more than just about money, this was also about being heard and standing up for myself.
It takes a certain type of person to dedicate a legal practice to these types of cases and I am so grateful that you chose this field, we need more lawyers like you.
Without hesitation, I highly recommend you and your team’s services. You and your team are highly trained professionals that truly care.”

From M.R.

“My case was about sexual assault.
I was anxious and depressed. I could not function at work. My life was difficult.
It all changed when I called Michael Wilchesky and he agreed to take my case. Finally, I believed that I could get justice. And I did. Michael helped me secure a financial settlement for my case.
What makes Michael a great lawyer?
He is a compassionate and honest person. He is an experienced and effective negotiator. You can expect from him insightful explanations to all your questions. He is a winner, and his record is well known.
Whenever I talked to him, I had a sense that I was talking to a friend.
If you have a problem involving the law, don’t think twice. Grab that phone and call Michael Wilchesky. This might be the most important call you ever make.”

From B.G.B.

“I would like to express my gratitude to Michael Wilchesky, Jennifer Lord and the rest of the team at Rochon Genova for assisting me in my matter of historical sexual abuse. This wasn’t a simple matter as it involved Acts and Legislation that normally don’t apply in civil matters, but Michael was more than able to understand the implications of the Acts and Legislation as well as the very unique situation that I found myself in as a child from a military family and was able to see this matter to its successful conclusion.”

From N.J.

“With Michael’s compassionate nature and legal expertise, I was able to overcome a complicated sexual abuse case. I honestly believe no other lawyer could have led me through to the end like this and achieve this positive outcome.
When I first reached out to Michael I was scared and felt powerless but wanted to stand up for myself because my life was so negatively affected by what has happened to me.
Michael was so fully supportive and understanding throughout, yet he was very strong against the opposition and knew how to navigate difficulties expertly. His deep knowledge and experience were obvious, and his guidance was spot on.
Through this process I have become stronger and have begun reworking my life in new and positive directions. Michael’s part in this was priceless!”

From S.B.

“I really want to take a moment to thank Trina, Vince, Sara, and especially Gina, for helping me navigate this entire odyssey, both legally and emotionally. It has been very difficult, but the kindness, expertise and compassion shown by the staff of Rochon Genova LLP got me through it.  Thank you all so very much.”

From S.C.

“When I first contacted Michael, I was intimidated and overwhelmed by the prospect of civil litigation. Michael demystified the process for me, explaining everything in clear and concise terms. He and Jennifer kept me well-informed throughout, making sure any decisions I made were supported by all the evidence at hand. The emphasis was on working together to achieve a fair settlement. More importantly, Michael and Jennifer consistently expressed a genuine sense of care in my own well-being. That care meant as much to me as the eventual outcome.”

From J.G.

“Thank you so very much Michael for all your hard work and for supporting me through finding closure. Indeed, there has been so many positive outcomes including having confronted Mr. X, having heard his side, his apology and willingness to make things right. The experience was rewarding in many ways and I will always be able to look back on it proudly. Thank you for handling things so well, especially in your discussions with Mr. X and reiterating things to me. All in all, I feel peace, like I have nothing to be ashamed of and everything has been laid on the table. I can move forward knowing wrongs have been made right and that’s a powerful feeling.”

From CG / JGP

“Our lives changed during that moment of impact on October 23, 2014. Once I was on the mend, legal help was next on my agenda. And, through another sad event with our first legal practitioner, I believe Fate led us to Vincent Genova and his team at Rochon Genova LLP. We couldn’t have been placed in better hands. Throughout the seemingly long process (shorter than most I’m advised) Vince and the members of his team guided us, with patience and compassion, to the successful conclusion of my lawsuit. It was very comforting to know we had Rochon Genova LLP dotting our “i”s and crossing our “t”s. We can recommend you and Rochon Genova LLP, without hesitation. Thanks Vince.”

From D.M.

“Vince was very thorough and compassionate through the whole process. He ensured my concerns were accounted for, and I was informed during every stage. Not only did Vince support me, but it was a team effort and I knew everyone at the firm would lend myself or my family a helping hand I am very pleased with the dedication of the team over the extended years of my case, and overall extremely satisfied with my choice of selecting this firm.”

From A.T.

“Please accept a huge “thank you” for having my back all these years!!! You are awesome and I appreciate everything you have done!!!! Thank you so much!”

From D. & D.

“We were represented by Rochon Genova in a class action lawsuit and we would highly recommend them. They are down to earth and very easy to work with. They were very compassionate and understanding, while fighting for our rights against a large corporation in a situation which involved the loss of many lives and impacted many people.

We had a lot of questions when we first got involved with this class action. Rochon Genova’s personable staff answered all our questions and were very helpful and knowledgeable. Going through any type of lawsuit is difficult, but the staff at Rochon Genova made it easier for us to take on the role of lead plaintiffs.

Rochon Genova had the passion and tenacity to see this through and at least negotiate a settlement. For that we are truly grateful. Though it will not ease our pain and suffering, this company will know that they cannot play with people’s lives and must be held accountable for their actions.”
D. & D.

From V.T.

“On behalf of my boys, my husband and myself, I would like to thank you for all you have done. There is no doubt we all endured a lot but knowing that lawyers like you can help in a case like ours, it is a real comfort. So people, do not waste time shopping around, myself and my family did just that and lost a couple of precious years, but after retaining Rochon Genova we got what we really deserved. Vince you and your team (Sakie, Sonya) are the best.”

From R.D.

“Peter Ivanyi is the best family lawyer in Toronto period. After 3 attorneys, and frustration, he told me to concentrate on the big picture. I was skeptical at first, but am I glad that he was on my side. After 3 attorneys and 4 years later, I wish I had met him first. So people, do not waste your time shopping around. He is the real deal! May God Bless you Peter and your team!”

From N.S.

“My sincerest thank you to Vincent Genova, Christina Barbato and all of the other staff at Rochon Genova, for all of your hard work in helping me achieve my goal. Many thanks and good luck in your future endeavours.”

From T.W.

“I really don’t know how to thank you both for everything you have done for me. These legal issues have been 3 years in the making and every time I was ready to cave in early, you inspired me to continue the fight. I love the way Vince spoke to me, with passion and none of that lawyer double talk. He laid it on the table and assured me that he would get me more, which he did 3 fold … I have already told others about your firm, because as far as I’m concerned, having a lawyer isn’t enough, having a lawyer that is ready for a long battle, and has your back is priceless. I know I’ve typed a lot here but in all honesty words cannot express how thankful I truly am.

From the bottom of my heart,”

From A.H.

“On behalf of my family and I, especially my sister, K, I would like to extend my thanks and appreciation to you for having taken our case. There is no doubt that K has endured so much, and will always be haunted by her experience, yet I’m sure that she will always take comfort in knowing that lawyers like you do exist in this world, and that justice can prevail, as it did for her.”

From M.F.

“I truly appreciate your taking the time to meet with me to hear ‘my tale of woe.’ No matter what the outcome, that meeting was most informative. Thank you.”

From C.L.

“Thank you for all your assistance in our matter. You and your staff have really made a difference in our family’s lives.”

From L.P.

“Thank you for all you did for us, my husband and I. You were amazing.”