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Traumatic personal injury leaves cyclist struggling to live

Though bicycling in a major city can often be the fastest and greenest way from place to place, it is not without an element of risk. A bike offers no protection in the event of an accident and leaves the rider open to a severe personal injury. One Ontario woman was lucky to survive after a collision with a large vehicle left her lying hurt in the street.

Unsafe freeway merging causes personal injury accidents

In Ontario, drivers may find the most stressful moment of a commute is when they have to merge onto a busy freeway. Whether traffic is crawling or moving at terrifying speeds, reaching the end of a ramp with nowhere to go and cars approaching from behind can be intimidating, to say the least. Perhaps equally as frightening is to be travelling along at the speed limit, only to have a vehicle zip down an on-ramp and merge, heedless of freeway conditions. Confusion and carelessness in merging situations result in many personal injury accidents.

Multiple defendants named in plane crash class action litigation

When an accident happens, it is often a simple matter to determine who is at fault. Once that is established, a victim may then be able to seek remuneration for damages and suffering he or she incurred. However, when an accident involves a commercial airliner landing at an airport owned by the federal government, deciding who is to blame, and to what degree, can become very complicated. In this situation, which occurred last year in a province east of Ontario, class action litigation becomes just about the only way for affected individuals to gain compensation.

Pedestrians are at risk for severe personal injury in an accident

Any accident involving a motor vehicle has the potential to cause serious injuries. When a pedestrian is struck by a vehicle, however, the results are often catastrophic. The possibility of suffering a long-term personal injury is always a concern, especially in the large urban centres of Ontario.

Accusations of racism in class action litigation against military

An individual seeking justice within the workings of a large corporation may find the process very challenging. By undertaking class action litigation, however, it may be possible to bring injustices to light outside of the confines of an internal system. Three veterans have chosen to go toe-to-toe in a fight with the Canadian Forces over alleged racism, a problem they say is rampant and goes unpunished on a regular basis.

Handling a personal injury on transit

Any kind of vehicle can be involved in an accident. From legal and insurance standpoints, the type of vehicle can make a difference regarding what happens next. For anyone who suffers a personal injury while riding on public transit, or a hired carrier, things may be very different than they are with privately owned vehicles.

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