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Breach Of Privacy

With the rising use of technology in every field, and increasing amount of personal information gathered by organizations, privacy — particularly computer and Internet privacy — has become a rapidly evolving field of law. Individuals and organizations have become alarmed by the number of instances of disclosure of private information without the knowledge or consent of those to whom it belongs.

At Rochon Genova, we have investigated and litigated a number of cases with regard to personal information, technology and social media.

Upholding Your Privacy Rights

Rochon Genova has commenced class actions against major social media companies (e.g., Facebook) and is in the process of investigating numerous other privacy class actions. We have developed a considerable body of expertise in this emerging area of the law.

If the case is viable, our privacy rights lawyers will pursue it to certification and beyond. Our lawyers will pursue actions involving privacy laws against corporations, governments or any organization that has improperly used or disclosed your private information. We deal with matters such as:

  • Surveillance cases
  • Mismanagement of personal health information, particularly with respect to mental health privacy
  • Failure to keep financial information safe
  • Personal information of any kind that has been leaked, whether inadvertently, for malicious purposes or to make a profit

As with all of our class actions, we thoroughly investigate claims before deciding to pursue them.

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