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October 2017 Archives

Jehovah's Witness leaders face class action litigation

Former and current members of the Jehovah's Witnesses claim that the church protects members who sexually abuse children. The members in Canada have launched a $66 million claim against the leaders of the church. In the class action litigation, they allege that church policies let sexual predators hide in plain sight.

False advertising and products liability in Canada

Advertisements are created to sell products and services. But there are times when they're more than just a little embellished. Sometimes they falsely highlight the product or service in an over-the-top pitch to entice further purchases. However, the Competition Act in Canada states that advertising can't be misleading or false, since such ads could lead consumers to buy faulty products which could lead to products liability suits being launched -- one way businesses might be found responsible for making erroneous claims.

Pharmaceutical liability: Health Canada wants codeine off shelves

Nonprescription codeine is readily available on shelves at pharmacies and most grocery stores in Canada. If Health Canada has anything to say about it, that will be changing in the near future. These sorts of products have been associated with pharmaceutical liability lawsuits across the country. Codeine can be found in many products, including pain medication and cough syrups. Health Canada is promising to make them available by a doctor's prescription only. 

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