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June 2017 Archives

Class action litigation planned by Tim Hortons franchisees

Sometimes, when Ontario consumers become the victims of large corporations and find it too costly to go to court, conglomerates are able to escape accountability. This is where class action litigation offers individuals the opportunity to obtain compensation for losses by putting them on an even playing field. According to the Great White North Franchisee Association, that is the aim of some Tim Hortons franchisees who recently launched a class-action suit.

What to do after suffering a personal injury in a bicycle crash

Bicycles are more common than ever on the streets of Ontario. With the rising cost of fuel, the resurgence in downtown residential living and improved infrastructure for cyclists in cities, it is a logical choice for many people. However, cyclists have an enhanced risk of suffering a personal injury due to a lack of protection. Many bike riders may not know what to do if they've been hurt in an accident, so here are some helpful tips.

Can you sue in Canada for a personal injury suffered on vacation?

When someone goes away for a holiday, all that's on his or her mind is having some fun in the sun and leaving the everyday stresses of life in Ontario behind. Some prudent types might think to take out travel insurance to guard against the unexpected. Few however, would ever consider that a life-threatening personal injury could be their vacation souvenir.

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