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November 2015 Archives

Will a parallel regulatory action affect a pending class action?

When it comes to a proposed class action lawsuit, plaintiff lawyers who are bringing the action must ensure that the class gets certified by the court, otherwise it cannot proceed. A lot of things can come up during the preliminary phases of a proposed class action to prevent it from getting certified, so it is absolutely vital that plaintiff lawyers handle this phase strategically.

The moral dilemma of driverless cars

There are many people who believe that driverless cars will be the end-all for traffic accidents, which claim almost 300,000 lives in the U.S. each decade. While the idea of no longer having to sit in traffic jams is appealing, there is one thing that is not: the moral dilemma that must be answered in the programming for the driverless car.

Multiple carmakers have been accused of systematic fraud

The car industry has been changing in recent years, and not just because of the shift to alternative fuel and hybrid vehicles. Multiple cases of systematic fraud have also played a role in exposing issues with the industry; forcing changes to be made.

Brain injuries can change your life

Many personal injuries that are suffered in Ontario only last for a short time; things like broken bones and lacerations are painful, but they heal relatively quickly and many of them have little to no lasting impact. However, the same is not true for brain injuries. Often, these will last for a lifetime, and they may never fully heal.

U.S. Steel Canada retirees seeking to get secret deal revealed

Retirees from U.S. Steel Canada and the city of Hamilton, Canada, are making progress in their efforts to reveal a secret deal between the steelmaker and the federal government. The Ontario Court of Appeal approved the right of plaintiffs in the case to appeal a previous judge's decision to maintain the secrecy of the agreement.

Products don't have to break for liability lawsuits

When thinking of product liability lawsuits, people in Ontario often assume that the product has to break or malfunction in some way. For instance, if an airbag fails to go off during an accident, meaning the person in the crash is more heavily injured than they should have been, it sets up the grounds for the lawsuit. While this is true, it's important to note that the products don't always have to fail or break for a lawsuit to take place.

The Neglected State of Whistleblower Laws in Canada

Truly robust whistleblower legislation in Canada is essential to preserving the integrity of our capital markets. As is too often the case, the United States has again out shone Canada in implementing legislation which protects employees of private and public corporations.

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