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Handling a personal injury on transit

On Behalf of | Jan 6, 2017 | Personal Injury |

Any kind of vehicle can be involved in an accident. From legal and insurance standpoints, the type of vehicle can make a difference regarding what happens next. For anyone who suffers a personal injury while riding on public transit, or a hired carrier, things may be very different than they are with privately owned vehicles.

In Oct. 2016, a tour bus was involved in a single-vehicle accident. The incident occurred at about 10 a.m. on Highway 28 in the eastern Ontario town of Denbigh, which is about 160 km west of Ottawa. Passengers report that the bus driver was unable to negotiate a turn in the highway. The bus apparently slid into a ditch, coming to rest on its side.

Ontario Provincial Police stated that 26 passengers, all senior citizens, were injured and transported to various local hospitals. All the injuries were reported to be minor. The 67-year-old driver of the bus has been charged under the Highway Traffic Act with careless driving.

It is fortunate the injuries were all minor, especially considering the passengers were all seniors; matters could have been much worse. However, even a minor injury can cause problems in the future. And even though legal justice appears to be on its way to being served, there remains the issue of personal compensation. Large transit companies tend to use large insurance companies, and getting a fair settlement can be difficult. By choosing an experienced Ontario attorney, a man or woman who suffered a personal injury in a transit-related accident may be able to receive the financial compensation he or she deserves.

Source: CBC News – Ottawa, “Driver charged in bus rollover that injured seniors“, Dec. 8, 2016