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What to do after suffering a personal injury in a bicycle crash

On Behalf of | Jun 16, 2017 | Personal Injury |

Bicycles are more common than ever on the streets of Ontario. With the rising cost of fuel, the resurgence in downtown residential living and improved infrastructure for cyclists in cities, it is a logical choice for many people. However, cyclists have an enhanced risk of suffering a personal injury due to a lack of protection. Many bike riders may not know what to do if they’ve been hurt in an accident, so here are some helpful tips.

On a recent Saturday afternoon, a motorist struck a cyclist with her car in downtown Toronto. Fortunately, the cyclist did not suffer any serious injuries, but there was significant damage done to his bike and personal effects. He did the right thing and asked her for her contact information. The driver refused at first, but helpful witnesses persuaded her to change her mind. 

Just like after a property damage-only car accident, operators in a car vs. bike accident should exchange information. If the damage appears to be under $2,000, both parties can move along and deal with any insurance issues that arise later. Should the cyclist suffer a serious injury, call 911 for medical assistance and help from the police. A Toronto cyclist advocacy group recommends recording the license plate number of the offending vehicle. Getting contact information from witnesses, if one is able to do so, is also an excellent idea.

A bicycle accident can be a traumatic event, and it’s not easy to stay calm during the aftermath. Keeping one’s wits about one and gathering some basic information may make it much easier to pursue compensation, should the situation warrant it. Another important step to take after suffering a personal injury in a bike crash might be to speak to a lawyer. A lawyer familiar with Ontario injury law can help a victim get back on the road to recovery and compensation.

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