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Class action litigation against PayPal for alleged hidden fees

On Behalf of | Dec 13, 2017 | Class Action Litigation |

PayPal Canada, a global online payments business, is being sued. An Ontario man launched the class action litigation suit recently, claiming PayPal is hiding fees when converting currency — something that is in violation of its agreement with users. The man, who filed documents with the Ontario Superior Court, says PayPal automatically converts any foreign currency in Canadian residents’ accounts to Canadian funds upon withdrawal — something it shouldn’t be doing, he asserts.

The claim states those are unauthorized conversions and PayPal is charging Canadians a fee to convert foreign money when it is withdrawn from a PayPal account in addition to adding a fee to an already charged exchange rate. The allegations have not been proved in court. The man’s motion for class action status will be presented in court.

Any judgment in favour of a plaintiff in class action litigation is usually published in the media with instructions on how and where affected parties could submit a claim. Once a class action claim has been resolved, individuals have a certain time frame in which they can make a claim. Once that window has passed, so have the rights to claim.

A lawyer in Canada who is experienced in litigation and appeals law with regard to class action lawsuits would be able to provide a client with information about how to submit a claim. A lawyer would also be able to assist the client in formally launching class action litigation. The process can be complicated and a lawyer could provide invaluable advice and guidance.


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