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Exploding sunroofs drive class action litigation in Canada

On Behalf of | Dec 6, 2017 | Class Action Litigation |

The last thing drivers want to experience as they’re driving down a busy highway, or even on a leisurely drive, is to have the sunroofs in their cars explode. Yet, that is the reason for the proposed class action litigation against Hyundai. The lawsuit, which has yet to be certified as class action, was started last year in Canada. 

In about 2011, the car manufacturer began selling vehicles with panoramic sunroofs. However, some of these sunroofs have allegedly shattered without warning, according to some drivers. A Transport Canada report has shown that the Hyundai vehicles in Canada have the most reports of sunroofs shattering. Numbers are similar in the United States. 

Apparently, these panoramic sunroofs, which extend to almost the entire length of the vehicle, don’t have adequate stability, which leaves them susceptible to shattering. The class action that is proposed affects those vehicles with sunroofs that were installed at the factory or that have been replaced. They affect six Hyundai models: The Santa Fe, the Santa Fe Sport, the Elantra GT, the Sonata, the Tucson and the Veloster.

Class action lawsuits require the specific expertise of a lawyer experienced in such cases. Those who believe their names might be added to a class action litigation suit already in progress, or who wish to obtain some guidance about starting such an action, would be wise to get legal counsel. Class action lawsuits can be very complicated, and the questions regarding them can only be answered by a lawyer experienced in litigation and appeals law in Canada. 

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