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Telus and Bell Mobility sued for illegal billing practices

Have you ever felt like you paid too much to use your cellphone? Did you feel like you were being deceived with regard to what you were going to owe? If so, and if you used Telus or Bell Mobility, you may have been right. Both companies are now being sued for illegal, deceptive billing practices that could have swindled thousands of customers out of additional money all over Canada.

Barrick Gold facing lawsuit for misrepresenting costs

When talking to investors, it's very important for companies to be open and honest regarding earnings and cost projections. No one expects these to be 100 percent accurate, but companies cannot misrepresent things to make themselves look stronger than they are, tricking investors into putting money into their stock.

Facebook faces lawsuit over privacy

In many ways, Facebook does the exact opposite of providing privacy. Instead, it puts any personal information that a person uploads in front of hundreds of friends and associates. However, there are still many ways in which Facebook is supposed to keep sensitive information private, and a lawsuit was started against the company for failing to do so.

Takeda Pharmaceuticals accused of deleting evidence

Takeda Pharmaceuticals has been accused of deleting evidence that was needed for a product liability case when the company was under direct orders not to do so. Interestingly, this was true even though the company destroyed the important files before the current case began.

Class action filed against Ashley Madison

Avid Life Media Inc. and Avid Dating Life Inc. are named as defendants in a national class-action lawsuit. These two companies are responsible for running The plaintiff in this case is a disabled widower and Ottawa resident who joined the site after his wife died of breast cancer. According to the two law firms that are representing the plaintiff, the man did not meet anyone in person after he joined the site.

Will a parallel regulatory action affect a pending class action?

When it comes to a proposed class action lawsuit, plaintiff lawyers who are bringing the action must ensure that the class gets certified by the court, otherwise it cannot proceed. A lot of things can come up during the preliminary phases of a proposed class action to prevent it from getting certified, so it is absolutely vital that plaintiff lawyers handle this phase strategically.

Restoring the balance of justice through class action litigation

Most of us have been in situations where a company or an organization has exerted their superior wealth or power over us. This is true regardless of whether a cable television company charged you for services they never provided, or a pharmaceutical manufacturer downplayed the adverse health risks of their medications.

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