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Assisting Clients Applying for Visitor, Work, Study And Super Visas

Temporary, skilled worker and student visas – they all allow a foreign individual temporary residency into Canada. But in order to obtain one of these visas, an applicant must meet certain requirements set out by the Canadian government.

At ROCHON | GENOVA LLP, our immigration lawyers assist clients both inside and outside Canadian borders to apply for a visa or visa extension. Based in Toronto, Ontario, our firm provides you with solid legal advice to get your application in its best possible form before you submit.

Different Requirements For Different Visas

Whether it’s tourism, education, employment or business – there are different types of criteria for the various types of visas offered. Some require proof of employment, others proof of an invitation to visit. Super visas, which apply to parents and grandparents of citizens or residents, may require medical tests, insurance measures, and even proof of the host’s financial stability.

We help you meet these requirements by:

  • Helping you gather the necessary legal documentation
  • Adhering to deadlines
  • Applying for extensions before current visas expire

Service You Can Count On

Our lawyers handle these applications every day and are well-versed in resolving any issues that arise. We leverage this experience to help you identify ways you can avoid any pitfalls, and keep the application moving.

If you have more challenging details in your application, such as prior criminal convictions, we can provide you with legal support. We will investigate the nature of the conviction, or other possible reasons for the denial of your application, and help you develop a strategy to address the issue, and reapply.

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